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We would like to introduce you to Building Information Services, a company formed with one primary goal in mind - to help builders organize and streamline their building operations.

The result?
Significant improvements in quality, completion time and bottom line.

Building Information Services offers a comprehensive system of purchasing and managing your building business and providing leadership tools for your staff to more efficiently achieve your company's specific goals.

Our firm's specially-tailored policies and procedures are specifically designed for your organization alone, and we will guide you and your staff through each step of their implementation. In addition, as your company becomes more and more successful, we will work with you to create larger builder management systems, enabling you to continue to grow and thrive in the future.

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Ralph M. Hippard ASPE

"My background is in developing and supervising luxury golf and yachting communities with 900+ acres and my capabilities are limitless. I enjoy all challenges and seeing them come to fruition."

Ralph M. Hippard

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